For those of you who have not had the pleasure of ramen it is a thin soup with noodles in, often with some seaweed, a boiled egg and some thin pork slices on top. It is very filling, very delicious and is the food most salarymen have at 3am after a night's drinking. Basically a more meal-like doner kebab. Since it is....

Posted by Andy at January 20, 2006 :: 12:59 PM | Comments(0)
Amy Wadge

Ladies and gentlemen meet Amy Wadge. At a quaint little very personal gig down in Putney a few days ago I learnt that you do in fact pronounce....

Posted by Andy at April 02, 2005 :: 10:05 PM | Comments(0)
James Blunt

On Tuesday night in Scala at Kings Cross I saw this gentleman, James Blunt, play an excellent set. It was a very different gig....

Posted by Andy at February 24, 2005 :: 07:42 PM | Comments(17)
the ipod end game
Posted by Andy at January 21, 2005 :: 01:01 PM | Comments(0)
new mp3, gig and photos
Posted by Andy at October 20, 2004 :: 01:57 PM | Comments(0)
The Man Like Sasha

DJ Sasha in all his mixing glory at Sankey's Soap in Manchester. A three hour set to see....

Posted by Andy at September 14, 2004 :: 09:36 AM | Comments(0)
After hours with...
Posted by Andy at September 06, 2004 :: 04:52 PM | Comments(0)
new Sasha Mix CD launched yesterday.
Posted by Andy at June 15, 2004 :: 02:52 PM | Comments(0)
Mixed blessings at a Sevenball gig.
Posted by Andy at June 04, 2004 :: 10:15 AM | Comments(0)
Dragged my coughing and spluttering self up to Highbury to see Sevenball last night at the Garage. Unfortunately they were on stage first, so only a 30 minute set could be squeezed in. The band had clearly not been...
Posted by Andy at May 21, 2004 :: 03:58 PM | Comments(0)
Bach Choir sang it, I was there.
Posted by Andy at May 20, 2004 :: 11:09 AM | Comments(0)
My that John Lill can play. His hands moved faster and faster as the night went on. Fantastic to watch and listen to as well. He produced wonderful recitals of: Hayden - Sonata 52 in E Flat Schumann -...
Posted by Andy at April 19, 2004 :: 03:04 PM | Comments(2)
John Lill's 60th birthday concert.
Posted by Andy at April 16, 2004 :: 05:40 PM | Comments(0)
Hope lies within.
Posted by Andy at March 01, 2004 :: 01:37 PM | Comments(1)
At a gig, or sat at home; either way you should listen to Sevenball
Posted by Andy at February 12, 2004 :: 05:14 PM | Comments(0)
Ben harper, a bass guitar, two hands and a mobile phone.
Posted by Andy at December 01, 2003 :: 11:49 AM | Comments(1)
Ben Harper; Jah work.
Posted by Andy at November 25, 2003 :: 08:52 PM | Comments(2)
Ben and Jason say Goodbye
Posted by Andy at November 14, 2003 :: 02:21 PM | Comments(0)
The new Sevenball EP is now officially launched
Posted by Andy at November 02, 2003 :: 09:10 PM | Comments(1)
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