Room For One More

The flag wavers were out in force. It was a shame I missed the parade, although from what I hear it was pretty scaled down version of the ones in....

Posted by Andy at June 26, 2006 :: 01:22 PM | Comments(0)

Yesterday was a bbq type event at the US Embassy residence to celebrate the 4th of July (a little early) with live music, a parade and....

Posted by Andy at June 25, 2006 :: 05:32 AM | Comments(1)

Some dogs are just too cool for school!....

Posted by Andy at June 14, 2006 :: 04:55 PM | Comments(1)
Hold it Right There

The patterns of the overlayed text in this car park really caught my eye. It struck me as very industrial whilst somehow keeping an artistic feel to it - even if....

Posted by Andy at June 10, 2006 :: 12:23 PM | Comments(0)

I didn't realise how pineapples were grown until I saw this strange monstrous looking plants growing out the deep red soil. This variety was alive with colours and....

Posted by Andy at June 09, 2006 :: 02:18 PM | Comments(0)

This is 45 second exposure with the camera pointing into pitch darkness. There are a couple of boats shuffling around at the bottom left and the glow from the beach on the right....

Posted by Andy at June 08, 2006 :: 12:14 PM | Comments(3)

A somewhat similar shot to this one I posted a while back except....

Posted by Andy at June 07, 2006 :: 12:08 PM | Comments(0)
Sunny Side Up

Nothing much to say about this shot, so I'll just say I hope your week is going well....

Posted by Andy at June 06, 2006 :: 02:01 PM | Comments(0)
Bath Time

A quick dip, ruffle your feathers, and a relaxing bask in the sunshine - what more could you ask for? ....

Posted by Andy at June 05, 2006 :: 01:57 PM | Comments(4)
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