Sometimes an urge hits all of us to just mess around with our toys and occasionally you end up with something....

Posted by Andy at May 31, 2006 :: 12:15 PM | Comments(0)
This Time Its Personal

This large but lazy insect on the wall outside my apartment was the perfect excuse to dust off my macro lens recently. I'm reminded every time I....

Posted by Andy at May 30, 2006 :: 03:06 PM | Comments(2)
You'll Blink First

Small dogs appear all over the place when the sun is out. They get an easy ride though with owners taking them out in their bikes and prams. Soon dogs will evolve to have no muscles in their legs and have desires for....

Posted by Andy at May 10, 2006 :: 04:44 PM | Comments(0)
Covered in Bees

Last week was "Golden Week" here in Japan, so called because..err...well we have three national holidays in one week resulting in a 5 day weekend. Clearly the....

Posted by Andy at May 09, 2006 :: 04:30 PM | Comments(0)

This is from one of my wanders through Shibuya. The motorbike was begging to be....

Posted by Andy at May 03, 2006 :: 02:01 PM | Comments(4)

There's a bit of digital trickery going on here as you might be able to tell from the strange perspective. The colours have been drained but apart from that can you tell....

Posted by Andy at May 02, 2006 :: 01:54 PM | Comments(0)
Still Life

Well unfortunately it's been a while since I took my camera out, and even more unfortunately there's been plenty of great photo opportunities whilst I was cameraless. There's still a few shots in the very slowly moving upload queue, which....

Posted by Andy at May 01, 2006 :: 01:39 PM | Comments(0)
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