City View

On the 52nd floor of Roppongi hills is a viewing area overlooking most of Tokyo including this section around the Tokyo tower....

Posted by Andy at November 29, 2005 :: 02:59 PM | Comments(1)

A few days back I wombled past Aoyama theatre which has a few scultpures outside and this one high up on the outside wall. It....

Posted by Andy at November 27, 2005 :: 03:38 AM | Comments(1)
Cos Play Gang

Meet Katy and Jill. They are part of the Cos Play Gang and like to hang out in Harajuku at the weekends with their strange clothes, piercings and rather freaky contact lenses. Actually I've no idea what their names are, but they were kind enough to pose for me....

Posted by Andy at November 26, 2005 :: 04:42 AM | Comments(1)
YOYOgi park

The unique cos-play-gang are a large group of teenagers that hang out in the Harajuku area at weekends. They dress in strange mix of goth and s&m and attract many a tourist and photographer....

Posted by Andy at November 20, 2005 :: 11:24 AM | Comments(1)

A lovely fresh autumnal weekend, the leaves were blowing round everywhere and piling up where ever they could.

This weather always reminds me of that Scene wiTh the carriEr bag blows around like a raG doll. I'd love to tAke aN artistic photO as Good as that befoRe Autumn runs out - PerHaps it is mY time?

Posted by Andy at November 15, 2005 :: 01:11 PM | Comments(6)


Posted by Andy at November 11, 2005 :: 08:05 AM | Comments(4)
...For a Horse

Lovely sunny day yesterday. Autumn is nearly....

Posted by Andy at November 06, 2005 :: 03:16 AM | Comments(2)
Last Call for Temple Viewing

As I haven't been out taking many snaps lately (*insert excuses here*), here is another from Kyoto. The sun is nearly down as the last straggers rush up the hill to try and catch a glimpse of one last temple for the day.

It'll soon be the time of year when the maple leaves start....

Posted by Andy at November 05, 2005 :: 02:27 AM | Comments(1)
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