Mount Fuji Lift

It seems the easiest way to climb Mount Fuji is to get someone to give you a lift!

Posted by Andy at July 31, 2005 :: 12:46 PM | Comments(3)
Flower Burst

I've not had a chance to take many pictures of Tokyo that I'm ready to post, so rather than not posting for ages like I'm prone to do, I'm posting one....

Posted by Andy at July 27, 2005 :: 03:43 PM | Comments(1)
lantern of fortune

Just out of shot is a great big spinning lantern with three contestants and a large crowd clapping like....

Posted by Andy at July 24, 2005 :: 08:42 AM | Comments(1)
Yutenji Lanterns 2

I liked these lanterns - guess there isn't much more I can say. The repeated patterns and colours...

Posted by Andy at July 20, 2005 :: 03:39 PM | Comments(0)
Yutenji Lanterns

Needless to say I'm a lot happier with this shot compared to yesterday's. After starting the long gruelling road signposted "house hunting", three of us took a trip to the Yutenji (a temple/shrine)...

Posted by Andy at July 18, 2005 :: 01:20 PM | Comments(4)
Baseball can be fun

This is clearly not a photo I'd normally post. I don't particularly like it in any way, shape or form. It is also all nothing to write home about. Wait. That is exactly what I'm using....

Posted by Andy at July 17, 2005 :: 05:24 PM | Comments(4)
It's been a while since my last post but I think I have a valid excuse why the good old land of bob has been low on my list of priorities. I've been preparing for, and indeed executing, a...
Posted by Andy at July 12, 2005 :: 01:35 PM | Comments(1)
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