Runner Reflects

Back to Canary Wharf for this entry. A little crop is all the post processing that's....

Posted by Andy at June 20, 2005 :: 10:14 PM | Comments(0)

Somthing didn't quite ring true with this scene....

Posted by Andy at June 10, 2005 :: 11:41 PM | Comments(1)
Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is a delightful statue/fountain that has become a iconic figure in Brussels. These are....

Posted by Andy at June 07, 2005 :: 10:17 PM | Comments(0)

The weather in Brussels wasn't exactly calm, sunny blue skies. The wind was pretty strong and some....

Posted by Andy at June 06, 2005 :: 08:23 PM | Comments(1)

Well it's now been over a month since I've posted anything to landofbob, but I've been busy. I've bought....

Posted by Andy at June 04, 2005 :: 10:57 AM | Comments(0)
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