I managed to finish the 25th Anniversary 2005 Flora London Marathon, dressed in a baby costume, in 3:57:44. Highly frustrating as I was mere minutes off my best of 3:54:56. However, since my training hadn't really gone as well...
Posted by Andy at April 27, 2005 :: 10:13 PM | Comments(0)
So after four months of training, several minor injuries, some physiotherapy and plenty of running, the 2005 (25th Aniversary) Flora London Marathon has finally arrived. I am looking forward to the big day knowing what a buzz it is...
Posted by Andy at April 14, 2005 :: 08:39 PM | Comments(9)
Amy Wadge

Ladies and gentlemen meet Amy Wadge. At a quaint little very personal gig down in Putney a few days ago I learnt that you do in fact pronounce....

Posted by Andy at April 02, 2005 :: 10:05 PM | Comments(0)
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