25 Cents for a View

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York seen in the view finder of a....

Posted by Andy at March 26, 2005 :: 08:48 PM | Comments(3)
Three Headed Gull

Sat serenely watching the Brooklyn bridge in New York, New York....

Posted by Andy at March 24, 2005 :: 12:05 AM | Comments(2)
There are only 24 days now until the London Marathon so I'm understandably getting a little nervous. The training has gone completely differently for this, my third, marathon and I don't feel anywhere near as prepared. I've been plagued...
Posted by Andy at March 22, 2005 :: 11:49 PM | Comments(0)
Hedgehog Cake

The next birthday party required a cake to equal the Pig Cake, and I think Harriot Hedgehog....

Posted by Andy at March 21, 2005 :: 11:01 PM | Comments(2)
Genius Bar

I visited the London Apple shop yesterday, and what a marvel it was. Almost trying too hard to be trendy it had a small lecture theatre style area where a sales guy was describing....

Posted by Andy at March 06, 2005 :: 05:36 PM | Comments(0)
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