Mugging in Warsaw...
Posted by Andy at May 25, 2004 :: 03:20 PM | Comments(0)
Dragged my coughing and spluttering self up to Highbury to see Sevenball last night at the Garage. Unfortunately they were on stage first, so only a 30 minute set could be squeezed in. The band had clearly not been...
Posted by Andy at May 21, 2004 :: 03:58 PM | Comments(0)
Bach Choir sang it, I was there.
Posted by Andy at May 20, 2004 :: 11:09 AM | Comments(0)
I opted for the Canon IXUS 500 in the end. A good compromise between manual settings, size and price. Hopefully there'll be many pictures arriving on this site in the near future!...
Posted by Andy at May 19, 2004 :: 10:41 AM | Comments(0)
dns glue problems.
Posted by Andy at May 18, 2004 :: 02:54 PM | Comments(0)
I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but it's always a lot colder in Canary Wharf than it is in Fichley Road area....
Posted by Andy at May 13, 2004 :: 08:42 AM | Comments(0)
Entering the digital age.
Posted by Andy at May 10, 2004 :: 10:51 AM | Comments(1)
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