January 04, 2007



Happy new year everyone! This is from the inside of a small temple on Hong Kong island. The amount of incense burning inside made for a lovely smell, but a somewhat stifling atmosphere.

It's been a little while since my last post but I'm starting to get my photo archive into some semblance of order so I'll start digging into it and pulling out some of my favourites that I haven't posted before, as well as the pick of the new photos I take of course.

I've started to play with the trial and test versions of Aperture and Photoshop Lightroom respectively, both of which offer very nice workflow tools to the photographer. Organising and choosing the best of a group of shots is now easier and I'll also be able to start shooting in RAW mode without having to go through the extra pain of 'developing' the pictures before being able to edit them.

The other update is that I've completely disabled comments for the time being as the nasty, scum of the earth, spammers were causing the webserver no end of trouble simply by the load they were putting it under. Once I decide upon a good way forward. possibly adding a CAPTCHA or some other form of authentication, I'll re-enable them.

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