September 26, 2006



The main Ginza shopping street. During the days at the weekend they close the road to traffic and cafes put tables, chairs and parasols out for weary shoppers to take a break from pounding the streets.

Posted by Andy at 08:05 AM into Photos


As bad as Oxford Street it seems... and weather-wise also!

Posted by chu? at 2006-10-04 16:58:37

Interestingly it doesn't have the same vibe as Oxford street at all.

Although there a lot of people, it's not crowded - if everyone was forced to use only the pavement (like Oxford St.) then it would be very crowded.

More importantly, and this goes for pretty much anywhere in Tokyo, even if you in a crowded situation the atmostphere is very different.

Crowds in Japan just aren't stressful.

I personally never feel unsafe, and I've heard from others and that is the largest difference - not having to worry about pickpockets and the like is a huge weight of your mind.

Since there are so many people in such a small space in Japan, society here had to develop in such a away as to cope differently with such situations.

Also, it was actually a really nice day here as well - this was taken at dusk, hence the fading light.

Posted by Andy at 2006-10-05 04:16:35
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