June 08, 2006



This is 45 second exposure with the camera pointing into pitch darkness. There are a couple of boats shuffling around at the bottom left and the glow from the beach on the right almost looks like it is the result of a large rocket or missile launching across the skyline.

Posted by Andy at 12:14 PM into Photos


Have you got a tripod or were you able to find a convenient wall to rest the camera on?

Posted by sheila at 2006-06-08 12:56:06

A tripod is still on my wish list. For this one I used the pier's end wall. A remote shutter release + tripod would have improved the sharpness of this shot as slight vibrations through my finger and from the wind have made it blurrier than I'd like. I should also have used a light meter to measure what the exact exposure should have been but instead I just held down the shutter releae until I felt like it had had enough!

Posted by Andy at 2006-06-09 10:12:05

I like it, just goes to show how much light pollution you can get! The other thing you can do to prevent blur is pre-raise the prism before opening the shutter so that the kick-back doesn't cause an initial vibration. You just won't be able to see anything through the viewfinder once it's raised...

Posted by Chris at 2006-06-09 16:25:14
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