February 10, 2006


Japan has a reputation for having many wierd and wonderful gadgets but to its credit I find a lot of them are actually useful from day to day. However, I've never been more appreciative of a simple and but effective improvement brought about by technology than this weekend just past. Let me set the scene.

I was in a hut at the top of a mountain. It was -14 degrees centigrade and outside was a raging blizzard. I'd split the morning between snowboarding and falling over and my backside was begining to become a little disgruntled. Before embarking on an afternoon of attempting to alter the ratio of being upright and sprawled in a heap I required a visit to the gentleman's room to say goodbye to my lunch (got to remain regular don't you know). Naturally I, and my backside, were a tad concerned.

The thought of needing to be rescued from a cubicle and having a toilet seat surgically removed from my frozen cheeks was playing heavily on my mind so I was obviously very relieved (mentally and physically) when instead of causing frostbite and ridicule the seat spread comfort and warmth.

God bless technology.

Posted by Andy at 09:37 AM into The Rest


Nice one... I couldn't believe it when I found that they had those in the office as well!

Posted by Jonathan at 2006-02-11 11:35:33
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