January 13, 2006



Omekuji (pronounced oh-meh-koo-ji) is essentially a fortune paper which are normally found around shrines and temples. The way to select your fortune is to shake the hexagonol metal jar (which has the hiragana characters O-Me-Ku-Ji on it) and then tip it up to dispense one of many long thin sticks contained within. The stick indicates which drawer you should take your fortune from (the top one of the pile only - no cheating to get a good fortune!).

The fortunes have simple predictions on subjects whether you'll be ill soon, whether you should travel, be lukcy in love and have all the attributes of a standard horoscope. If you receive a fortune that contains poor or bad luck, it is traditional to tie it in a knot around a nearby post or tree and leave the ill fortune at the shrine or temple.

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