November 26, 2005

Cos Play Gang

Cos Play Gang

Meet Katy and Jill. They are part of the Cos Play Gang and like to hang out in Harajuku at the weekends with their strange clothes, piercings and rather freaky contact lenses. Actually I've no idea what their names are, but they were kind enough to pose for me.

It is a strange atmostphere on the bridge; a bizarre mix of proudly showing off their latest costumes to the crowds of tourists and photographers coupled with embarassment from being such a center of attention.

A the end of the day they are all having fun and do enjoy the attention, but it is still just outside my realm of comprehension as to why they do it!

Posted by Andy at 04:42 AM into Photos


dont fancy yours much! if only Gwen Stefani hadn't raped their culture. Im a little worried about the time you are posting these pictures i hope this is the 04:42am of England and not Japan otherwise get to bed and stop going on the internet!! your eyes will go square.

Posted by Paul at 2005-11-29 21:18:04
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