September 28, 2005

Great Buddha

Great Buddha

An hour's train right from Tokyo is Kamakura. It has several temples and shrines to walk around and has a similar atmostphere to Kyoto but on a smaller scale. The notable exception is this Great Buddha shrine.

After a day's walking round the sights Kamakura has to offer, I can recommend a bite to eat and a cheeky drink or too in Daisy's Cafe - a beach-front establishment with friendly people and on occasion live music.

Posted by Andy at 01:26 PM into Photos


Nice photos bob. Any of the art gallery by any chance?

Posted by chu? at 2005-09-28 16:10:45

How did you manage to end up on Daisy's web page?

Posted by sheila at 2005-09-28 17:58:44

Well since all 7 people that were in the bar, including the two artists, are also on the web page it wasn't that special to be photographed and put up on as well! The owner was updating it live from his camera phone which was pretty cool.

Posted by Andy at 2005-09-29 07:19:44

Judging by the impressive sculpture I get the impression I missed somethinbg by not heading to Kamakura. Maybe next time?

Posted by Lil' Lady at 2005-09-29 20:39:47
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