September 05, 2005

FIT for Charity

So after a long period of no running I once more ventured into a 'fun run' race. It was the first annual FIT (Finacial Institutions in Tokyo) for Charity event and was actually 3 events in one. You had the choice of walking once round the Imperial Palace (5k), running once round (5k) or running twice round (10k). Obviously I chose the latter. The 30 companies managed to raise over 18,000,000 yen (around 90,000 GPB) which will be shared amongst 5 local charities. Since their target was 5,000,000 yen everyone was pretty pleased!

Since I can count the number of times I've been running since the marathon on one hand, I wasn't optimistic about the time I'd run this 10k in. Even if I'd have been on top form beating my PB of 43:40 in this blistering heat and humidity would have been a challenge. So given the meagre attempts at water stations and the scorching sun I was pretty pleased with my (mildly sunburnt) time of 47:53.

On another note, I should have internet access by next week so will have a chance to start processing the queue of photos I've been lining up for the landofbob.

Posted by Andy at 04:10 AM into Running


Glad to hear those Asics aren't completely gathering dust! I'm sure that as you become more independent you'll have more time to get back into it. But even before then don't forget the therapeutic powers of working up a good sweat! Keep the updates coming buddy, we haven't forgotten you...

Posted by Adam at 2005-09-06 22:57:02
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