August 15, 2005

Crickets, Danger Mouse and Fireworks

I like to think that the noise crickets make is each of them shouting to the others to shut up. It's therefore not worth me adding to the racket by joining their cries. I shall just have to learn to sleep through it.

My iPod offers a nice alternative to the din of crickets trying to out do one another, especially when walking around Tokyo with said music player on random and the Danger Mouse theme tune comes on. Thank you Paul for contributing this wonderful piece of music to my collection. I'd actually venture that this tune would be great in any major city in the world. (Also, Dan would tell me to replace my ipod with a gigabeat - which I'd be quite tempted with to be fair)

After walking around Tokyo for a while I can recommeding visiting a firework show. Summer in Japan means a whole load of firework shows on the calendar. Each show tends to last a lot longer than those in England and the Tokyo Bay show I tagged on the side of was no exception. It went on for a full 80 minutes with large explosion following large explosion (interspersed with smaller ones of course).

The cheers from the tremendous crowds gathered in Odaiba were what made the whole thing worth while from my perspective, it was like rush hour getting to and from the place with overcrowded trains and monorails, and it was clear from the picnics and many tarpaulins that people had been arriving all day to get their spot marked out for the evenings festivities. Everyone was good natured though despite the "commute" and it was great fun.

I did take some photos of the impressive fireworks but since my tripod is still in the camera shop I'll buy it from, they are all suffering from motion blur. I may still post one anyway though.

Posted by Andy at 10:03 AM into The Rest


Hi! Any chance of making your RSS feeds show the full text and images rather than a summary? cheers!

Posted by Norbert at 2005-08-15 11:52:13

Hi Norbert,

I was approaching the feeds as a way to encourage people to come and leave comments/feedback/critisms of my photos, hence the move to a small thumbnail and an excerpt of the description rather than the entire post.

I was thinking of using three seperate rss feeds (full, excerpts and comments) to give people the choice. What are your thoughts?

Out of interest, what method do you use to read the rss feed?

Posted by Andy at 2005-08-18 03:27:25

I use bloglines, which is very very good to read full posts and see piccies from other people. If I am inspired to leace a comment, it only takes one click to pop on over to the real blog.

It just seems a bit annoying to only see a small excerpt where one is more likely to just skip it and click on the next bloglines link. Lazy? Hell, yeah!

A choice would be good, I would take the full feed.

Posted by Norbert at 2005-08-18 09:14:00

Ohayoo, Coatesy-kun!

Just wondered how the Giga-thingy compares against the iaudio x5 - have you researched?
Oh - and just to remind you - my birthday (o|re)ccurs shortly 60: GB model, with a universal charger, please :-)

... can't wait to get a proper paid job so I can afford to come visit ...

Mata ashita!

Posted by James at 2005-08-18 12:26:25

Your welcome buddy, dah dah dah da danger mouse.....powerhouse!!

Posted by Paul at 2005-08-24 14:22:21

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