August 11, 2005

Plagerism and Lensbaby

Just because I can't post any photos for a few days does not mean I'm not taking any photos. On the contrary I've been experimenting with my shiny new toy - a lensbaby 2.0 - given to me as leaving present from work.

It's a lot of fun, and allows for some very interesting shots as the selective focus area, or sweet spot, is under your control depending on how much you tilt/bend the lens.

I hope to post some results of my shooting in the coming weeks, but for now here are two past images from my favourite photoblog ( for your enjoyment.

2005-04-20 HG Wells (using lensbaby 2.0)
2005-08-08 SG Blackpool

Posted by Andy at 09:11 AM into tinternet


That Blackpool shot is awesome!
That guy could rival you for composition :-)

Posted by James at 2005-08-18 11:35:37

Why thank you! I'm not entirely sure I am worthy of your praise, but I shall graciously accept it with a bow.


Posted by Andy at 2006-01-14 14:02:14
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