August 08, 2005

Keep Your Burger Safe

Keep Your Burger Safe

Imagine the following scenario if you will. You've just bought a happy meal. Six chicken nuggets, some chips and a cup of coke flavoured water. You go to open the nuggets and then you realise you've also been blessed with the rarest, coolest, must-play-with-now toy.

You're struck with a dilema - play with your newly acquired, probably movie inspired, toy whilst leaving your food unattended, or eat the food and waste vaulable playing time? It's certainly not a situation most of us would want to find themselves in.

Luckily Ronald is here to offer a helping hand with his handy Happy Meal Lock up areas. For a small fee you can keep your newly purchased food safe as houses allowing a window of opportunity to enjoy the facets of your partialy posable piece of plastic without the worry of a hungry passer-by nabbing your grub hanging in the back of your mind.

Thank you Ronald for your calming and trustworthy smile.

Posted by Andy at 04:04 PM into Photos


Are the lockers big enough to lock kids in whilst the adult enjoys both the food and the toy?

Posted by at 2005-08-09 12:16:43
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