July 17, 2005

Baseball can be fun

Baseball can be fun

This is clearly not a photo I'd normally post. I don't particularly like it in any way, shape or form. It is also all nothing to write home about. Wait. That is exactly what I'm using it for. Oh well!

In the middle of my wanderings across Tokyo yesterday to try and get a feel for where I'd want to live, I stumbled across a friendly baseball game somewhere in the heart of Hiroo. The game looked exactly like baseball, but sounded different when the ball was struck with a bat. I realised after a minute or so that although the ball looked like a baseball it was slightly spongy.

I watched for a while because it was good fun to see two teams having such good natured competitive fun. There were several missed catches in the outfield and each time, without fail, everyone (including the guy who'd missed the catch) smiled and laughed at the good fortune of the hitter who'd managed to get to first base instead of being added to the Out tally.

I hope everyone is as good natured the first time I do something wrong. Hmmmm, perhaps all the smiling people around me are trying to tell me something!

Posted by Andy at 05:24 PM into Photos


Not every photo is about beauty - this one communicated the human element of the event you were describing, and you even managed to slip in a little philosophy lesson. Awesome!

Posted by Adam at 2005-07-20 10:02:51

Good natured competitive fun, - no not following you.

Posted by Paul M at 2005-07-23 20:58:47

I think it's an anagram.

Posted by Linden at 2005-07-25 18:48:30

All I have to say is:

"Baseball can be fun" -> "Anna clubs elf babe"

Posted by Andy at 2005-07-26 02:43:29
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