March 22, 2005

Not Long Now

There are only 24 days now until the London Marathon so I'm understandably getting a little nervous. The training has gone completely differently for this, my third, marathon and I don't feel anywhere near as prepared. I've been plagued with injuries small and large for the past year. I pulled out from the Berlin Marathon last November, but I'm determined to take part in this one even if I dont' set the personal best I had originally had my heart set on.

With that said, a couple of reminders. Firstly you can you check out how myt training has been progressing on my marathon page, and secondly you can sponsor me at

This image is kindly given to me by James who has a nifty GPS watch that allows him to create a map of each run he does. This is one we did a few weeks back while he was in London. It was a hard core 18 mile run, and covered most of London as you can see!

18 miler
Posted by Andy at 11:49 PM into Running
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