February 02, 2005

Moderation in all things

MT-Blacklist 2 is officially great! The guide on Jay Allen's site shows how to get the most out of the latest versions of Blacklist.

The best thing about it that it allows me to be strict about who can post to the landofbob whilst remaining flexible. The reason for this flexibility is that no matter how strict you are, comments can be put into a holding or moderated state if you aren't sure if it is spam or not. They haven't been outright blocked but they also haven't made it onto my site to be visible by others (and more importantly by search engines). This lets me be as strict as possible with the rules safe in the knowledge that the worst than can happen to a valid, non-spam, comment is that it will be in a moderated state for a short time.

Moderated Comment Spam

This image shows a snippet of the kind of spam comments I get on an hourly basis. Having them caught and placed into a moderated state rather than slip completely through the net makes my life a lot calmer as I don't need to immediately purge them from my site since they are not yet visible to Joe Public.

Three cheers for Jay Allen and MT-Blacklist!

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