November 30, 2004

Run London

You can now see my official time of 43 minutes and 50 seconds for the nike 10k. There is also a video of me finishing but if you can spot me in the masses you have better eye sight than me!

It was a good race and I really enjoyed it, but as you can see on the video it was pretty packed in the earlier waves, making it hard to keep a steady pace. My legs are also reminding me pretty strongly that I ran a very fast race, especially considering I hadn't run for three weeks before hand due to the Tokyo trip!

Continuing on the running theme; I have secured myself a place in the 2005 Flora London Marathon through the ballot - it only took five attempts at applying before they relented! I'm hoping for a sub 3:30 marathon this time around, although I need to balance that against my desire to run in costume.

Posted by Andy at 10:52 AM into Running | TrackBack


glad to hear the 10k went well... though I have to admit that I had totally forgotten you were doing it!
Glad to see you finally get to run London again. x

Posted by sheila at 2004-11-30 20:06:23

Very good time Andy you da man!

Posted by James at 2004-12-31 13:13:32
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