October 16, 2004



This tree was truly dwarfed by One Canada Square, and it gave the impression it was cowering beneath the high rise, losing it's leaves in deference to it.

I've been slack at posting recently, mostly because I'm disappointed with a lot of the photos I've been taking recently - perhaps because I'm testing the limits of my poor little IXUS 500. Hopefully as the weather turns for the worse I will gain inspiration rather than lose it and you'll get to see more shots.

Posted by Andy at 09:29 PM into Photos | TrackBack


Can we have more like this please?

Posted by Greedy at 2004-11-24 12:15:45

Absolutely! I try to cater to my photographic whims, but I love taking shots like this one, so I'm sure there'll be plenty more.

Posted by Andy at 2004-11-24 12:16:22
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