October 13, 2004

Reading List

My reading list has been piled high over the past couple of months and despite never seeming to find much time to read, I am slowly getting through it. Here is a brief glimpse at some of the high brow tomes I have sunk my mind into.

Neutral Buoyancy: Adventurers in a Liquid World - This is a book about SCUBA diving for both divers and non-divers. It intersperses diving anecdotes, personal memories, and history of diving together in a manner that is both engaging and pleasant to read. Discover how diving progressed from free diving for sponges, through navy salvage diving, all the way to breath hold depth competitions. A lovely read. (amazon).

The Girl Who Played Go - An enchanting story about a Chinese girl and a Japanese soldier set in the 1930s when Japan was occupying China. The two meet in the Square of a Thousand Winds, but hardly say a word to each other while they play their many games of Go. A story that reveals so much about the characters whilst remaining very subtle (amazon).

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Legacy - A follow up to the Jason Bourne trilogy, this time penned by Eric Van Lustbader. It falls sadly short of the standard set by Ludlum's original three books, but an enjoyable read none-the-less (amazon).

Number 9 Dream - Having just begun this novel I already am looking forward to the journey it will take me on. Set in a futuristic Tokyo, the book has both intrigued and confused me over the first few chapters, and the stage is set for a great story(amazon).

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