October 07, 2004

Potzdamer Platz

Potzdamer Platz

A funky building at the convergence of two streets by Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. Outside the U-Bahn station is the oldest traffic light in the world. Unfortunately it seems to be situated in a place which is of no use to man or beast anymore. Still it makes a nice meeting point.

I decided to play with colorizing the image above and after a minute or so I ended up with this...

Potzdamer Platz with colours

...pretty ain't it?! Think of the fun I could have if I put some effort into digitally altering my photos. Seems like cheating though, so I generally only crop, reduce, and alter levels all of which could be done with good old fashioned cameras, film and a darkroom.

Posted by Andy at 08:14 PM into Photos | TrackBack


Great shots! I like the colorized version... and the perspective on these shots is wonderful. I agree though... for most of my shots I prefer the simple darkroom tweaks. But it IS fun to play! :)

Posted by Charlie at 2004-10-08 03:28:59

what an odd-looking building indeed lol
made me think of a knife, very agressive-looking, the b&w version stresses that feel, very metalic :-)
great work

Posted by Sandra Rocha at 2004-10-12 19:45:29
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