September 03, 2004

Music Pain

A well known danger of scuba diving is the collapsed lung. Caused by holding your breath whilst ascending, the expanding air bursts your lung and fills the surrounding area with air, collapsing the lung.

Although this condition is documented to occur spontaneously in older, thin, male smokers, it has now been seen in a small number of people stood by loud, bassy speakers.

This article on Wired ("Music Fans, Beware the Big Bass") describes how researchers have reported in a medical journal how very loud bass frequencies may cause the lungs to resonate and rupture.

Their advice is to "stand back from the speakers at concerts and clubs and to ease up on that car-stereo bass". Perhaps I shouldn't take my 2000 watt bass box with me next time I go diving.

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how mad!

Posted by chu? at 2004-09-19 15:56:48
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