July 29, 2004

I'm Going Phishing

Slashdot brought the shocking statistic that in a survey conducted by MailFrontier Inc, 28% of the 1,000 people shown examples of legitimate and fraudulant, or "phishing" emails were fooled

A phishing email is a fraudulant mail that proports to be from a legitimate company such as eBay or Paypal usually asking you to confirm your account or credit card details. It then provides a link to a bogus web site in order to 'collect' your details.

MailFrontier Inc have put a similar test on their web site and although I can see how someone could be fooled, frankly people really shouldn't be so dumb.

Would you be tricked by any of the emails on their test? I certainly wasn't.

Posted by Andy at 10:00 PM into tinternet
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