July 25, 2004

Version 2

As you can probably tell the latest and greatest version of the Land of Bob is now online! I hope everyone likes it. If you find any glaring glitches, obvious ommisions, enormous errors or any other alliterations for that matter please let me know

Posted by Andy at 09:00 PM into Site


Prize to Linden for spotting that comment posting was broken before I tested it :-)

Posted by Andy at 2004-07-25 21:38:44

What do I win?

Posted by Linden at 2004-07-25 22:41:12


Posted by Linden at 2004-07-25 22:43:56

This is far better than the last one which makes it officially no longer rubbish.

Good job sir

Now I can walk down the street proudly and say to random strangers "TheLandOfBob.com, more fun than 20 minutes with your mum!" and not get a beating.

Posted by Me at 2004-07-26 12:32:57
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