July 06, 2004

Othopedic Inflexibility

It's amazing what you find out on the web in a mere five minutes.

From the location of the pain in my leg I think I have injured my soleus muscle. There are a few stretches I do before and after runs that help warm up/warm down this muscle, and I certainly intend doing them a lot more.

For the rest of my five minute web session, I found out about the reason I get stiff shins when running or walking fast. I'm pretty confident that I have an othopedic condition called Dorsiflexion Inflexibility. This involves the ankle, shin and calf muslces all being really tight and not letting me bend my foot up or down properly. Luckily there are a few stretches to help ease this as well which I shall add to my routines.

For my last trick I read up on the ultrasound massage technique that the physiotherapist applied yesterday morning as I was interested to see what effect it actually had on the tissues. All the pages I could find though said it eases the pain for the patient in the short term (like any good massage) but there was no real evidence that it helps speed up the recovery of the injury.


Posted by Andy at 01:16 PM into Running



what you gonna do about the marathon?

Posted by chu? at 2004-07-11 16:55:10

It's not paranoia if they are watching you :-)

should be back on track for marathon training soon, although I shan't be pushing for the time I was originally hoping for.

Posted by Andy at 2004-07-16 11:13:44

I too get the shin and calf problem. sometimes i am able to run through it and other times i am forced to stop. On some runs it doesn't happen at all! For example it never happens when running up and down hills only on flat roads so hard flat surfaces may well be the culprit. Still damned annoying.

Posted by Lara at 2005-04-27 15:54:03

I know exactly how you feel, I think a great many factors affect how bad the problem is on any particular day.

I do find that generally the more I run the worse it gets, so after a really bad day my advise would be to switch to another form of exercise such as cycling for up to a week.

Posted by Andy at 2005-04-27 21:35:22
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