April 04, 2004

Running Zen

Today I got to remember why I enjoy running so much. I headed out with the intention of doing more than the 3 mile lap I'd recently been doing in the evenings. The plan was to head under the greenich foot tunnel, do a lap of the park and then head for home.

I got to run through several stitches and past the hang over pains that were always going to become apparent after a few miles. After pushing on through all these barriers I reached the point when I hit my natural rythmn and could keep on going.

A brilliant feeling to just be in your stride and taking a tour of your local (and not quite so local) neighbourhoods, and I didn't want to stop. Towards the end of the run (which turned out to be around 9 miles) I stumbled across a large April shower which everyone else was taking cover from. I, however, enjoyed the rain so much I ensured I was away from cover as much as possible!

Without a doubt the best run I've had in a long time.

Posted by Andy at 09:46 PM into Running
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