March 24, 2004

Canary Wharf Squash Classic

Last night was the opening night of the inaugural Canary Wharf Squash Classic, and I was there With Ian to see the first four matches. The matches were played using the new scoring system which is first to 9 (not 15) and using the tennis Deuce style rules on reaching 8-8 rather than playing 1 or 2 points as before. Made the games much shorter, and the night of squash more acceptable to the crowd as it was pretty much guarenteed not to overrun as they had a tendency to do. The final will be on Friday and is already sold out unfortunately, as there will probably be a few more tantrums at that stage!

  • John White Vs David Palmer
    two of the biggest hitters in squash smashed the ball around the court. Amazing to see the speed at which they react to the rebounds and volleys they each hurled at each other.
  • Thierry Lincou Vs Nick Matthew
    A very different style game to the first. Many more lobs and drop shots made this a much better game to watch then the first purely for the fact they were all over the court.
  • Peter Nicol Vs Ong Beng Hee
    After having watched the previous match you'd be forgiven if you thought that they were moving round the court as fast as is possible. These guys pushed the tempo and get to almost everything, even if they are stuck in the back corner! amazing games to watch although Nicol never really looked like losing it.
  • Lee Beachill Vs James Willstrop
    This game was much closer than the other three with some Deuces (8-8), however these two guys liked to hit hard and fast, and they both spent almost of the match in the back half of the court.
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