March 22, 2004

Cabot Hall Comedy

Last week saw the second time I'd gone to the comedy night in Cabot Hall. Of the four acts the last was by far the best, which was ironic as he was a stand in for the booked act who hadn't managed to get through the traffic due to an M25 chemical spillage.

This guy's name was Adam Bloom and he was by far the most energetic person I've seen on stage, and was very, very funny to boot! There are a couple of audio clips on his web site that are worth listening to.

I feel sorry for the American comic, Todd Sawyer, who was on before Adam. I found him very funny, but he obviously wasn't getting the audience response he was used to (perhaps because he's used to american crowds) and he clearly wasn't happy. In fact once you've asked the crowd to lighten up and laugh at your jokes (which Todd did at least 3 times), things generally get more awkward and less funny.

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