February 11, 2004


Last night the residents association of my block of flats organised a wine tasting evening. The wine expert for the nearby Waitrose brought a selection of six wines for us to sample: 2 white and 4 red.

He talked us through the wine tasting process whilst we told him our opinions of the six wines he'd brought along.

The two varities of white he had brought were both sauvignon blanc, one from France made the traditional way, and the second from New Zealand made using modernised methods. It was amazing to taste the contrast of the two schools of wine making; the first yielded a subtle and smooth texture, whilst the second was sharp and contained many different flavours.

Of the red wines he brought along, the Portuguese and the Chillean were by far my favourites as I tend to prefer a more full bodied and heavy red. Having said that, the other two reds (French and Italian) also had fantastic flavours, but were not quite in the same league as the others in my opinion. What recommendations for wines do you have?

It was a great night, indeed just having an event like this with your neighbours has got to be a great thing, especially in London which can be such a lonely place despite the number of people that live here.

Oh and my housemate won the magnum of champagne that was 'raffled' at the end of the night!

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