January 16, 2004


Both I and Jess are now qualified Ocean Divers (the base level scuba course offered by BSAC). We've been out in the Red Sea doing as much diving as time and money would allow at Ocean College

I managed to snap off a reel of photos using my good friend James' underwater camera during the last day of diving (once I'd got up the courage to take another piece of equipment into the sea), and I shall be putting the best of the bunch up in the gallery soon.

If anyone has any particular dive sites they would like to recommend please do so as we're deciding where to go next!

Posted by Andy at 12:43 AM into The Rest


So you're back then. I take it you had a great time and I also take it that you are raring for a game of Aller?

Posted by Linden at 2004-01-16 16:51:56

Yes, Yes and Yes!

I presume by Aller, you mean Go. As I couldn't quite work out what you meant.. the best I could do was Allegro but with a spelling mistake :)

Posted by Andy at 2004-01-16 19:46:47
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