December 01, 2003

Play the bass with your own two hands

It turned out that Brixton Academy was Ben Harper's venue of choice. It was a fantastic gig with one of the highlights for me being the bass players 5 minute solo, where he did things with a bass guitar that I didn't realise it could do!

Ben Harper's skill with the slide guitar has got to be up there with the greats. The sounds he gets out of it are quite incredible, for example in one song his solo really sounds like a lawnmower (as my better half keeps telling me!). It was a sight (and sound?!) to behold.

Mr Harper also took a mobile phone from someone in the audience and held it at arms length whilst singing pretty much acapella into his mic. Imagine being at the other end of that line! Maybe they thought that someone had left their phone unlocked and dialled accidently from their pocket!

Posted by Andy at 11:49 AM into Music


Ben Harper does amazing things with that slide!

Here's a message from the owner of that mobile...

Posted by Hugo at 2003-12-16 22:38:03
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