November 25, 2003

Roll another fat one

This Friday I'm off to see Ben Harper in a secret location deep in the heart of London.

It's not so much a secret as it is the fact I haven't bothered to ask Alex, the ticket purchaser, where it is.

Still, I'm sure it will be a great gig no matter where it is, as Mr Harper is rumoured to be a fantastic live act.

Posted by Andy at 08:52 PM into Music


No, he is a shitstabbing miming fuckwit.

Posted by Crap at 2006-01-08 11:30:05

Hi Crap, you are of course entitled to your highly intelligent and considered opinion, but I'm banning you from making future posts and defacing my website any further.

I'm sure you understand.

Posted by Andy at 2006-01-08 11:47:38
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