November 18, 2003

Fun with the future

The discussion of a certain John Titor was brought to my attention by Maciej Ceglowski over at idlewords a few months ago and has been a fascinating discussion for several years now apparantly.

John appeared in chat rooms in 2000, and claiming to be from 2038, gave lots of details about time travelling, how his time machine worked, his purposeback in the year 2000 and made several interesting predictions. He was hard to pin down on certain subjects though.

For example, John described the theory behind time travel and suggested that:

"by rotating two electric microsigularities at high speed, it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the affects of a Kerr black hole".

Which all sounds pretty reasonably one would think.....right?

However, some people (physicists mainly) weren't wholly convinced with some of the finer point behind the physics John was claiming made time travel possible.

One of his answers to the detailed working of black hole time travel did indeed seem to quite neatly dodge having to commit to some of the details such black hole tom foolery would necessitate:

"For those asking how come a microsingularity doesn't swallow the Earth or want to know details about the size, stability, mass, temperature and resulting Hawking radiation from such a thing, those details I must keep to myself".

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